Mvskoke Traditional Foods

Muscogee people strive to observe their cultural food-based system by preparing and eating many of the same foods produced by their ancestors. They continue to hunt, fish, forage for edible plants, grow corn and other vegetables, and maintain their use of the same ingredients, or the closest substitute, to prepare their traditional foods.

While the list of “traditional” foods was most certainly more extensive prior to removal, the Muscogee people have managed to keep a few of those recipes extant. A few traditional items are wild onions simmered until tender and served with scrambled eggs; sofkey, which is a corn soup/drink prepared by cooking cracked field corn in a mixture of water and lye; blue bread made from corn meal and the ashes of purple hull pea shells mixed together, shaped into round patties, and boiled; sour cornbread made from cornbread batter that has been allowed to spoil in a crock prior to baking; and salt pork that is deep fried in oil until crispy. The list goes on and on as does the preparation of the recipes from generation to generation. YouTube: Mvskoke Language Department: Clean & Prepare Indian pumpkin.

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